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New Image Tattoo studio is a small family run studio in the Cambridgeshire town of Wisbech. We boast award winning artists and fully qualified body piercers, and are members of the British Tattoo Artist Federation, Elite European Tattoo Federation and SAPA Piercing Association.


We have a large display of tattoo designs on our Instagram and do portraits, colour realism, freehand designs, rework old tattoos, custom one-off tattoos and cover ups; you can even bring in your own design!

 All in all, we run a professional studio, so feel free to come in and take a browse, any questions you have just ask we will be glad to help.


Check out our Facebook and Instagram!


This is where our artists work is shown.

Check back for regular updates.


All our artist are capable tattooist. But they each have there own styles and preferences.


Find out the latest news from the studio and what events and conventions we are attending.


Find out how to get in touch and where we are.

New Image

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