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Please ensure you read this guide fully as failing to do so may cause your appointment to be rescheduled or cancelled, these measures may change slightly between you reading this and arriving for your appointment but we will inform you of any changes when you arrive.

• Please follow all signs and guidance in the studio, we know it can be a pain but its there to keep everyone safe.

• Entry to the studio is strictly by  appointment only

• If you do not have an appointment please do not come to the studio for the time being, we will have less staff than usual and will be unable to safely operate whilst trying to man the counter. This is only a temporary measure so please be patient with us as we are eager to get things back to as normal as possible. Once we are open to the public follow the signs to help maintain social distances.


• Please arrive on time for your appointment as appointment times will be staggered to facilitate social distancing. Please do not come early. Try to contact us if you think you may be late.

• Your Tattoo artist will guide you to a designated area upon arrival please remain there unless instructed otherwise or in the event of an emergency,

don't worry there will be opportunity for regular breaks.

• On arrival please wash your hands, there will be a portable wash station for you to use. If for any reason this is unavailable there will be multiple points throughout the studio with hand sanitiser available.


• Please attend your appointment alone, this is particularly important as we will need as much space as possible to maintain distance. We will ask people accompanying you to leave and we would like to avoid these situations at all cost.


• No food to be brought into the studio. Bottled drinks are preferred and we would recommend bringing a carrier bag with you to keep you drinks and personal items in. Only bring items you deem essential with you as space will be at a premium and we will not be able to store item during your appointment


• The consent form will have an updated track and trace section to comply with government guidelines as well as question related to COVID-19 symptoms.


• Obviously if you have any symptoms, even mild ones don’t come into the studio. Your appointment will be rearranged.


• We will provide you with a mask or you can bring your own, it is not compulsory for clients to wear face mask as the Tattoo artist will be wearing a mask and visor. However, we would prefer you to wear one at all times.


• Please be aware that Tattooist will be taking more regular breaks than usual due in part to wearing extra PPE, you can take this opportunity to wash your hands again.

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